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Davening Group at Pardes


The morning prayer/davening group continues to take place at Pardes for the fall semester for students in grades K-4.

The group meets at 7:40 AM, 5 days a week.  Davening ends by 8:05 AM, allowing students time to get to their classes by the 8:10 AM start.  All groups are led by our talented Bnot Sherut and Ambassadors (Shlichim) from Israel. The group is divided into three classes:


Introductory Group (K):  Room 416.  

This group functions as a prayer/Tfillah class, teaching the meaning and recitation of the prayers.  This is primarily for kindergarten students or those new to davening.  This will eventually evolve into a service as the year progresses and the students learn more. Taught by Ayelet.


Intermediate Group (1-2):  Room 418.  

For students already familiar with prayers/Tfillot, generally for grades 1-2.  Students will build on last year's accomplishments, as they continue to recite known tfillot and learn new ones.  Particularly, we plan to complete the learning of Shmoneh Esrei this year, among other prayers.  Students will also begin to learn various halachot regarding Tefillah.  Taught by Choshen.   


Advanced Group (3-4):  Library (at the back of campus, on the left).  

This is an advanced group for students in grades 3-4. Students have already learned a basic tefillah service and will continue to learn additional tfillot throughout the year, along with additional halachot.  Taught by Yaacov. 


In order to facilitate a smooth process within the classroom, it is requested that students arrive at or close to the start time and that parents remain outside of the classroom, so as to minimize distraction.

On Fridays, all groups will combine together in room 418 and will be taught by Yaacov.  Parents are invited to join their children on Fridays as well.  This arrangement will be a nice treat for the students and a chance for families to spend time connecting with their children through davening. 


As a reminder, this is a private program run through CBT, not provided through school.  As such, there is a requested/suggested fee of $15 per child per week.

No family will be turned away due to inability to pay.  


If you would like to make a payment, please complete the information below and select the weeks that you plan for your child(ren) to participate.


For more information contact:

Congregation Beth Tefillah @ 480-600-5065

Ariella Friedman:







$15 Per Week

$250 for Full Season (18 Weeks, Save 9%)


Thu, December 12 2019 14 Kislev 5780