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Congregation Beth Tefillah's name is indicative of its primary objective: to serve as a "House of Prayer" and a spiritual lighthouse to every Jewish man, woman and child, regardless of background, affiliation and / or level of observance. Beth Tefillah promises to serve as a focus for social, religious, educational, cultural and family events; a welcoming center where people seek guidance and advice for whatever issues life presents.



Congregation Beth Tefillah is proud to provide a treasure chest of opportunities including:

  • UPLIFTING SERVICES on Shabbat, Holidays, and every morning
  • ADULT EDUCATION Classes filled with relevance, meaning and lifetime lessons;
  • THE ESHET CHAYIL's WOMEN'S GROUP, uniting the women of the community in various projects and events;
  • THE BETH TEFILLAH ACADEMY (BTA), our fast-growing after-school weekly program where our Jewish heritage comes to life with its vivid, enriching lessons for children ages 5-12;
  • A YOUTH CLUB & TEEN ZONE boasting a large number of activities from classes to social meetings and outings for the youth and teens;
  • BAR & BAT MITZVAH CLUBS & CLASSES, to train and educate your child based on the enriching beauty of our heritage and traditions, with personal care, guidance and attention, to assist him or her with their momentous transition to adulthood;
  • THE STEINSALTZ AMBASSADOR PROGRAM which imports two brilliant young students from Israel every year to offer a personable Jewish connection through a variety of classes and activities;
  • THE JEWISH BOOK CLUB, which meets monthly to discuss and celebrate a thought-provoking book,
  • HOSPITAL VISITATIONS to invigorate and inspire the sick
  • And Much More!


Sun, June 16 2024 10 Sivan 5784