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  • 		                                		                                <span class="slider_title">
		                                    "This world is G-d's most precious garden, and we are its gardeners."		                                </span>
		                            <span class="slider_description">Lubavitcher Rebbe</span>

                                           Board of Directors

Victoria Conrad

Renee Fox
Vice President

Tracy Conrad

Benny Basha

Member at Large: Claude Amiel

Member at Large: Valerie Borden 

Member at Large: Ariella Friedman

Member at Large: Elliot Friedman

Member at Large: Tamar Schneider

Member at Large: Scott Stein

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Board of Trustees

Victoria Conrad

Renee Fox

Tracy Conrad

Benny Basha

Tomas Gorny

Fri, January 27 2023 5 Shevat 5783