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Free Kosher Mezuzah for CBT Community Front Doors


Project Inspire Arizona has partnered with to give any Jewish home a free, fair trade Mezuzah valued at over $80 if they don’t have a Kosher mezuzah on the front door!

"My Zuzah believes in connecting and protecting all Jews by putting a Mezuzah on the front door of every Jewish home across the globe. A touch point that unites all Jews, the Mezuzah’s mystical power has connected and protected the Jewish people since biblical times." You can check it out by going to:

If you are interested, this program applies to front doors only. If you already have a mezuzah on the front door… move it to another door so you can get this kosher mezuzah.


Put in the code: InspireAZBT

The mezuzah/scroll comes with double face tape; you can also use your own nails), we will send a volunteer to help say the blessings provided (Hebrew and transliteration) and take and submit a picture of the happy event.


To take advantage of this amazing opportunity, go to:


and put in the partner code:


to request your FREE Mezuzah


Robin Davina Meyerson, Co-Director Direct Dial 602-469-1606




Fill out the details below to have a mezuzah checked, to order a new mezuzah, or to request help putting up a mezuzah.

Mezuzah Request

If purchasing a mezuzah let us know the quantity.

You may pay now or at the door.

Subsidies available.  Please make note above.


Thank you for your submission.  We will contact you shortly.



Thu, May 23 2024 15 Iyyar 5784