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6529 E Shea Blvd, Scottsdale AZ 85254

(480) 223-9343




Weekday Morning Services:  Monday - Friday: 7am

Friday Evening Services: 10 minutes before Shabbat Candle Lighting 

Shabbat Day Services:

Shacharit: 9:00am

Torah Reading at  app.10:00am

Youth Programming at 10:15am

Rabbi's Sermon at 11:00am

Mussaf at 11:15am


Mincha, Seudat Shlishit, Maariv, Havdala: One hour before the end of Shabbat.

Sunday Morning Services:  8am, followed by breakfast. 


~Kosher Food~

~Kosher Restaurants~

~Kosher Grocery Stores~




Extended Stay America Logo    (0.5 Miles from CBT)

10660 N. 69th St., Scottsdale, AZ 85254                (480) 483-1333


   (1.2 Miles from CBT)

9880 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85253        (480) 368-1200


  (1.2 Miles from CBT)

7350 East Gold Dust Avenue , Scottsdale, AZ 85258        (480) 596-6559


~Air Bnb and Other Rentals~

Beautiful Scottsdale Guest House:  - 1 BR/1 Ba

One Bedroom Condo:  - 1 BR/1 Ba

Two Bedroom Suite:  - 2 BR/1 Ba

Scottsdale Guest Suite:  - 2 BR/1 Ba

2 Bedroom Condo:  - 2 BR/2 Ba

Luxury Villa:  - 2 BR/3.5 Ba

Ritz Scottsdale:  - 7 Br/5.5 Ba

Scottsdale Ranch:  - 7 BR/5.5 Ba

Rentals at Del Sol Apartment Complex:

 1) 1 BR/1 Ba

2) 1 BR/1 Ba

3) 1 BR/1 Ba

4) 2 BR/2 Ba

5) 2 BR/2 Ba

6) 2 BR/2 Ba

7) 2 BR/2 Ba



We are excited that you would like to visit our community!  Scottsdale is a beautiful and wonderful town, and our warm CBT community is one in which everyone feels welcome.  We hope you will enjoy your time here.  

Congregation Beth Tefillah is committed to the mitzvah of Hachnasat Orchim, and we will always do our best to help visitors make Shabbat arrangements and to feel welcome.  Please note that our resources and number of hosts are limited, particularly in relation to Scottsdale's popularity as a travel destination, and so our ability to host vacationers is limited. Placements are based on availability, fit, and size of visiting group. In general, we will try to accommodate sleeping requests as best as possible, and there are multiple hotel and rental options within the eruv and walking distance of CBT as well (see above).   Hospitality requests for Shabbat meals may be easier to accommodate.  Information on kosher food is also available above.

To request hospitality, please fill out the “Hospitality Request Form” through the link below.  We are more easily able to help with requests made at least one week in advance. Please fill out the hospitality form in as much detail as possible in order to facilitate the best match.

 Thank you for visiting our community, and we look forward to being in touch.



What brings you to Scottsdale?  Are you looking to move to the area, just visiting, here for family, etc.?

Dates and times
Date of arrival
Date of departure
Please tell us what your hospitality needs are.
Shabbat hospitality is generally for Friday night only.  If you need accommodations for Saturday night as well, please check the box below.
(check all that apply)
Please describe your special dietary needs.
(vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, allergies, chalav yisroel)
Tell us more about yourself to help us find the best fit.
(profession, hobbies, languages you speak, interests, etc.)
Please list two personal references and phone numbers.
What synagogue do you usually attend?  Who is the Rabbi?


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