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The Valley Eruv Project's Eruv allows Jews to carry items and push strollers and wheelchairs on Shabbat within a 40-mile perimeter! 

The Eruv Needs You! 
Donate today at the Eruv's excellent new web address: www.arizonaeruv.orgto help us with the many Eruv costs including the weekly drives to inspect it, the repairs it often demands, and many other expenses. Thank you!


Please join us in providing the gift of Shabbos to our families and our community.


Eruv Dues are $180


Donate today at


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What is an Eruv?

An Eruv is a phyisical perimeter that completely surrounds a designated area, allowing carrying outdoors on Shabbos. Eruvin have been constructed in communities for thousands of years, and serve to enhance the celebration of Shabbos through shared communal experiences, particularly benefiting Jewish women and young children as well as the elderly and disabled.  Through a large Eruv, young families may, within the parameters of Jewish law, push children in strollers and bring needed supplies to synagogue and friends' homes.  A large Eruv also allows families of varied observance levels and denominations to attend one another's life-cycle celebrations, such as bar and bat mitzvahs, even if the walking distance necessitates carrying keys, water, and medications or pushing wheelchairs and strollers.

Who Benefits from the Eruv?

The Eruv benefits all families and relatives of families for whom halachic observance of Shabbos is a matter of personal conscience.  It benefits countless visitors and future residents, as well as local families who host visitors for their life-cycle events celebrated on Shabbos.  In our generation, there is almost no Jewish family that does not have Shabbos observant relatives and friends, invited to share in their Simchas.


Eruv Support covers:

Checking the Eruv

Repairing the Eruv

Insuring the Eruv

Redesign & Reconstruction when needed


Your Eruv has been up every Shabbos, thank G-d, since its July 2013 Construction.  Its rabbis and staff see to all its administration and ask only for your financial support to make it possible.


The Eruv is a Partnership of:


Congregation Beth Tefillah

Rabbi Pinchas Allouche


Chabad of Arizona

Rabbi Zalman Levertov


Chabad of Scottsdale 

Rabbi Yossi Levertov


Ahavas Torah: the Scottsdale Torah Center

Rabbi Ariel Shoshan


All gifts of $180 or more will publicly acknowledged by future emails, and on the weekly emails year-round.

Sun, June 16 2024 10 Sivan 5784