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 Congregation Beth Tefillah Launches the 

Limudim Educational Center


Primarily, The Limudim Educational Center will provide Hebrew and Judaic curriculum for school aged children prior to their Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

Family Parshat study, Hebrew instruction, or general Judaic and Torah discussion based learning will also be offered within The Limudim Educational Center’s programming.  

Rabbi Allouche will oversee all curriculum and programs with support from and implementation by the Mekor Chaim-Steinsaltz Ambassadors. The native, Israeli Ambassadors will be living locally in Scottsdale to facilitate and teach the classes year round. 

The mission of the Mekor Chaim-Steinsaltz Ambassadors Program is to facilitate and model how to love being Jewish in a deep, natural and joyous way.   The Ambassadors promote and exemplify a living brand of Judaism, one that exudes passion, pride, the daily relevance of G-d, Torah, and the land of Israel.  Their knowledge and personal experience will be brought to life during class time at The Limudim Educational Center.



The Limudim Educational Center in partnership with Mekor Chaim-Steinsaltz Ambassador Program ascribe to the following goals:

·       Championing every individual’s personal involvement in Jewish life and learning

·       Opening up parts of the Torah that are rarely learned by Jews, from across the affiliation spectrum 

·       Building bridges among communities, with Jews of all different types, in the context of envisioning the Jewish people as one family, with one responsibility for each other 

·       Strengthening and inspiring original expressions of Jewish spirituality 

·       Enhancing Jewish life: reinvigorating the synagogue worship experience


Children from kindergarten to 7th grade are welcome to attend regular classes, each Sunday, at

The Limudim Education Center

located at

Congregation Beth Tefillah (CBT)

 10636 N 71st Way #1, Scottsdale, AZ 85254

9:30 - Noon



9:30 - 12:00 for K - 7th - $725 member / $925 non-member

If paying by check you must log in to your CBT account and bill the charges to your account.  Once the check is received we will update your account.

$25 sibling discount


Families are encouraged to contact CBT to arrange customizable sessions. 


For more information contact

Maya Davidson at 480-329-3804




Has the child received any prior Hebrew or Judaic classes?  Please describe.

Has the child been enrolled in a different Hebrew, Religious or Day School?  Please describe.



Emergency Contact Information  

In case of emergency and Congregation Beth Tefillah is unable to contact either parent/guardian; CBT may contact: 

In case of a true emergency, please contact:



In case of medical or surgical emergency, I hereby give permission to the physician selected by a representative of Limudim Education Center, to hospitalize, secure treatment for, and to order injection, anesthesia or surgery for the applicant named.  All attempts will be made to contact parent beforehand. 

I certify that my child listed above is physically able to participate in all activities that are in conjunction with Limudim Education Center for the period commencing August 2018 through May 2019. 

I hereby release Congregation Beth Tefillah and Limudim Education Center and allied organizations, their agents and employees from any and all liabilities of any nature whatsoever that may arise from his/her participation in any related activity.

Please fill in your full name and date to electronically accept the above authorization and to complete the enrollment process. 


K - 7th Grade 9:30-12:00

1st Child - Member Rate - $675 ($50 returning family discount - VALID for 1st child Only)

1st Child - Non-Member Rate - $875 ($50 returning family discount - VALID for 1st Child Only)

1st Child - Member Rate - $725

1st Child - Non-Member Rate - $925

2nd - 6th Child - Member Rate - $700 ($25 sibling discount)

2nd - 6th Child - Non-Member Rate - $900 ($25 sibling discount)

If paying by check you must be logged into your account and choose the "bill to account" option at check out.  Once your check is received we will update your records.  Your submission is not complete until you have paid or billed to account.

Please let us know if you were referred by someone.


Fri, April 19 2019 14 Nisan 5779